Our Services

We offer Chiropractic Care: Diversified manipulation of structures that cause pain and radiation of pain. We are very proficient at this and most patients that have only had activator therapy (the clicking device) were pleasantly surprised at how painless the manipulations were. We offer same day care and also schedule it in a very quite and peaceful environment.

We offer X-rays on site: Our state of the art X-ray equipment allows us to accurately determine  the over all condition of your spine and also assists us to competently come up with a management plan for your condition. 

We offer Massage Therapy: We have 2 in-house independent massage therapists working to make you feel better. They are:

For any appointment with one of them please call our front office numbers at: (989) 732 1533

We Offer Laser Therapy : Laser Therapy for Chronic pain have been used for years to speed up the healing process and also help with reduction of swelling and helps with ruptured tendons that do not respond well to manipulation. 

NEW: We offer Kinesiotaping on site. Buy a roll for $20.00 and we do not charge to tape you, anytime. This is great for all sports!

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